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The United States Constitution Has Problems

The U.S. ranks 30th as a democracy

The United States is considered to be a flawed democracy. Twenty-nine other countries in the world are described as more democratic. See worldpopulationreview.com where Norway is ranked number 1.

So what is wrong with the United States? The constitution is a good place to start. The United States constitution, defining the first democracy in the world, was developed by a committee who had no prior experience with such a government. They could only guess how well it would work. Today, constitutions around the world last an average of 70 years. Many countries have already replaced their constitutions once or twice. The United States constitution is the world's oldest at over 200 years old. Its flaws include the following.

Constitutional convention

The present structure of the constitution contains disincentives to making the constitution more democratic. The majority of States have low populations and they would have to give up some of their power, which seems unlikely.

To understand just how unevenly the population is distributed among the states, consider the following.

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